JL Training Bra Size Guide

Journey London is here to help you find your first bra in a refreshingly easy process, with our carefully curated product range – with all of your individual needs considered.

Shopping For Your First Bra Online

Shopping for your first bra can be a daunting experience, but following the JL size guide will help you find your perfect fit. There is not one specific age where you should start wearing a training bra, the important thing is to find a product that is comfortable and supportive to meet the needs of your developing body, but do not worry you don’t have to compromise on style.

JL Trainee And Sports Bras

The JL trainee and sports bras are designed for pre-teens to introduce the benefits of different styles of bras to meet the needs of those active sports days or to simply enhance your everyday confidence.

Top tip: Remember to re-measure every 6 months as your body shape will keep evolving and so should your underwear.

Trainee & Sports Bra Fitting Guide:

Top tip: Remember to always measure against your skin to achieve the perfect fit and maximum comfort.

Measuring your bra band size:

1 – Stand upright, measure around your back and under your bust, where the band will sit (the thick base part that covers the circumference of your rib cage). It is important to get the tape measure as level as possible, not too tight and not too loose. Now make a note of this number in centimetres and find your perfect fit. The band provides 80% of the comfort, so it should be comfortable around your rib cage but not be restrictive.

Brief & Bikini Knicker Fitting Guide:

1 – Measure around the natural waist.

2 – Placing your feet together to measure around the fullest part of the hip, record both of these measurements in centimeters and find your perfect fit using our size guide.

At Journey London, we believe you’re more than just your size. That’s why we’ve reimagined the labels as self-love affirmations that inspire confidence in our young wearers.

XS – Extra Spirited
S – Spirited, Smart
M – Motivated
L – Leader, Loyal